Art Picks: January

As we enter 2019 and the gallery scene begins to emerge from its post-Christmas hibernation, a fresh programme of exhibition listings presents itself for the year ahead. Easing into January with a number of exciting shows, we’ve selected some of the best openings from contemporary female artists happening this month.


Cajsa Von Zeipel: The Gossips (Condo London)

Arcadia Missa, 12th January – 16th February



Cajsa Von Zeipel, The Gossips, 2019. Arcadia Missa, London, 12th January – 16th February, 2019. Photography: Tim Bowditch. Images courtesy of the artist, Arcadia Missa and Company Gallery.


Showing as part of this year’s Condo London, The Gossips is a collection of work from Swedish sculptor Cajsa Von Zeipel. Taking its title from the repeated sculpture of French female artist Camille Claudel, Von Zeipel creates contemporary busts, facing each other yet twisting away, adorned with modern oddities including sex toys, phone cords and fashion accessories. The figures present a series of transformations, each taking on a strangely alternate identity, developing the malleable nature of the human persona and the act of gossiping itself.


Beatrice Gibson: Crone Music

Camden Arts Centre, 18th January – 31st March


Boundary_Beatrice_Gibson_Crone_Music_1 Boundary_Beatrice_Gibson_Crone_Music_2 Boundary_Beatrice_Gibson_Crone_Music_3Beatrice Gibson, Crone Music, 2019. Camden Arts Centre, London, 18th January – 31st March, 2019. Images courtesy of the artist and Camden Arts Centre, London.


Presenting two, new interconnected films in her largest exhibition to date, Crone Music by British female artist Beatrice Gibson features themes of friendship, feminism and queerness paired with experimental narratives. A programme of screenings, readings, performances, talks and workshops will also take place over the course of the exhibition, alongside the film showings led by the films’ artist, poet and musician participants.


Libita Clayton: Quantum Ghost

Gasworks, 24th January – 24th March



Libita Clayton, Quantum Ghost, 2019. Gasworks, London, 24th January – 24th March, 2019. Photograph. Courtesy of the artist, Brain the Tool and Gasworks, London.


Quantum Ghost is the first UK solo exhibition from Bristol-based female artist Libita Clayton, featuring an immersive sound installation, large-scale photograms and programme of live performances, exploring the artist’s heritage. Delving into personal ancestry through archival mapping, Clayton traces her family tree across mining regions and colonial geographies of the past, piecing together fragments of identity.


Sofia Stevi: we don’t have to learn something new

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, 25th January – 23rd February


Boundary_Jadé_Fadojutimi_The_Numbing_Vibrancy_of_Characters_in_Play_1 Boundary_Jadé_Fadojutimi_The_Numbing_Vibrancy_of_Characters_in_Play_2 Boundary_Jadé_Fadojutimi_The_Numbing_Vibrancy_of_Characters_in_Play_2

Images: © Sofia Stevi: we don’t have to learn something new, 2019. Gasworks, London, 25th January – 23rd February, 2019. Courtesy of the artist, The Breeder, Athens and Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London.


Sofia Stevi presents new paintings and sculptures in we don’t have to learn something new, the first London solo exhibition from the Greek female artist. Combining surreal, dream-like imagery with symbolic references to ancient Greek mythology, Stevi creates emotionally charged forms flowing with vibrant energy.


Various Artists: Summer Will Have Its Flies

Subsidiary Projects, 26th January – 2nd February



Images: Jawbone Jawbone, Janet Sainsbury, Irene Gonzalez, The Summer Will Have Its Flies, 2019. Subsidiary Projects, London, 26th January – 2nd February, 2019. Courtesy of the artists and Subsidiary Projects.


A group show exploring the romanticism of British summer time, the glorified idea of the true reality and the ongoing hope that encourages longevity in the colder months. Featured female artists include Janet Sainsbury, Elly Thomas, Sara Anstis, Emily Platzer, Irene Gonzalez and Jawbone Jawbone.


Jadé Fadojutimi: The Numbing Vibrancy of Characters in Play

PEER, 31st January – 30th March


Boundary_Jadé_Fadojutimi_The_Numbing_Vibrancy_of_Characters_in_Play_1Boundary_Jadé_Fadojutimi_The_Numbing_Vibrancy_of_Characters_in_Play_3 Boundary_Jadé_Fadojutimi_The_Numbing_Vibrancy_of_Characters_in_Play_2

Images: Jadé Fadojutimi, The Numbing Vibrancy of Characters in Play, 2019. PEER, London, 31st January – 30th March, 2019. Photograph. Courtesy of the artist and PEER.


The Numbing Vibrancy of Characters in Play is the first institutional exhibition from British female artist Jadé Fadojutimi, featuring new large-scale works created specifically for the show. Developing a distinctive language, composed of intense and expressive mark-making, Fadojutimi explores raw emotion through her interaction with the canvas.


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